How to name a cute girl or girl who looks like a cat

There are lots of cute girls who look like cats and cute girls that look like cute cats, but for some reason, some people don’t like them.

The problem isn’t cute cat people, though, it’s cute girl names.

That’s what NPR’s Rebecca L. Ross and Emily Ekins talked about on Thursday’s “Fresh Air” with David Greene.

They talked about why some people prefer cat names, and why others are just not up to snuff.

Here are some of the best cute girl-related nicknames for cat people:┬áBelly, Chubby, Cat-eater, Cat Lover, Churrascocker, Chupacabra, Chumcat, Cuddly Cat, Cuddle-o-Pee, E.F.H.O., Fancy Cat, Fawn, Fido, G-Cat, Gee-o, Green, Happy, Heartless, I’m a G-Man, Jellyfish, Kissing, Lingerie, Lovebug, Meow, Monster, Nanny, Nitty, Petite, Petty, Piggy, Pig, Pumpkin, Rabbit, Romp, Ruff, Sad, Sad Cat, Sad Man, Scruffy, Shitty, Snuggle, Sparkly, Spotted, Stinkcat, Sunburnt, Sweetheart, The Big Red, Ugly Cat, Uplifting Cat, Waterproof, Whammy, You’re My Cat, Zipper Cat, Your Cat,Zipper,