When you’re beautiful in Italian: The most beautiful wallpaper you can buy

Italian designer Stefano Giannini has created the most beautiful Italian wallpaper for your home, featuring a stunning scene of mountains, the Alps, and the Italian coast.

The stunning wallpaper, titled ‘I Loved You’ by Stefano’s father, shows the Alps in a very realistic, almost photographic way, and is available for €1,799 ($2,399).

In the back of the wall is a picture of the city of Venice, a photo of a man on a beach, and a portrait of the man himself.

The wallpaper is also available in different styles, including a simple black with gold accents, as well as a more realistic red, gold, and white. 

Giannini says that he wanted to create a wallpaper that is not only beautiful, but also unique.

He explains, “My intention was to create an image that could not be duplicated in the market, and that would be beautiful, timeless, and unique.”

Gianninis father Stefano was born in Italy, but he went on to study art in Paris, before making his way to Rome.

The Italian designer is now based in the U.S., where he runs a small business. 

According to Gianninos father, Stefano loves his job, and he hopes to create some of his own art, and eventually even become a fashion designer.

“My goal is to do something that is completely different from what I am doing now,” Stefano told Vice.

“I want to create something new and original, and to use my talents in a new way.”