Beauty Bakerie owner: ‘I’m not racist’ after backlash

Beauty Bakery owner Amber Smith has come under fire for a tweet that read “I’m a white woman with a black boyfriend.

I’m not a racist.”

Smith responded to a user asking why she didn’t want to be called racist for her comments, saying, “Because I’m a black woman who has lived her entire life with the expectation of white people treating her differently.”

The user responded, “You are not racist.

If you think it is racist to say you want to live with a white man, I’d suggest you check out my new book.

You should get it before it’s too late.

I have no problem with black people.”

Smith said, “If I want to talk about racism, I’m going to say it.

I’ll be clear.

I am not a person who wants to live in fear of black people.

That is a completely false statement.

I want the black community to be more understanding of each other and less prejudiced.

I’ve had black people ask me why I didn’t just leave them alone.

It’s been a very hard year for me.

The reason I didn’ t leave them is because I’ve known them for a long time.

I don’t want them to feel like they have to hide who they are.”

Smith continued, “The reason I’m still here is because of my faith.

I do not want my children to be living in fear.

I wanted to go to school and live in peace with my kids and have them be safe.

The black community has shown me that.

I would never want to put them in a position where they would be afraid to go anywhere.

If it is going to happen again, I want them in the safest place they can be.

I will do what I can to protect them and give them a positive and loving relationship with their black friends.”

Smith has been outspoken about her support for the LGBTQ community, saying she was “proud to stand up for equality for everyone.”

Smith’s daughter, Ashley, who was born and raised in Orlando, was killed by a stray bullet while visiting her family.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Smith “has been a supporter of LGBTQ causes since she was a child.”

Smith tweeted a photo of her daughter’s death in 2016, saying that she had a “special place in my heart” for Ashley.

Smith has a history of racism and anti-Semitism, according to The Orlando News.

A spokesperson for the Black Lives Matter Orlando chapter called Smith’s tweet racist, and said Smith was not welcome at the store because of her views.

Smith defended her comments on Twitter, saying “I don’t believe in the hate that I see.”

Smith told The Orlando Herald, “People are saying that I’m racist for expressing my beliefs, which is absurd.

My point is, I am a black female who has a black and white boyfriend and I’m proud to be black and to live my life in a loving relationship.

I feel like I’ve been able to do what’s best for my children.

I think my children have grown up in a better environment than I ever had.

That’s why I am here.”

The hashtag #IAmABlackWoman, which was coined by Black Lives Matters activist Tanisha Thompson, was trending on Twitter Tuesday night.

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