Top 10 trends in 2018: ‘Beautiful Mind’ pattern

Beauty has always been the buzzword of fashion, but is it really the most effective way to look gorgeous?

We’ve rounded up some of the best beauty trends in the past few years, to get your thoughts on which trends to look for next.


The ‘Beauty Brain’ The Beauty Brain is a concept in the science of visual perception, which has been around since the mid-18th century.

It’s used by doctors to determine whether someone is suffering from an illness, and suggests that the quality of their vision may be linked to the amount of pigment in the brain.

The brain, however, is a tiny, very sensitive part of the body, and we can’t see it all the time.

It takes about 5% of the eye to see through a dark room.

The most sensitive part is the inner eye, which is sensitive to colour, so it’s important to find a way to help your eye stay healthy and happy.

The beauty brain hypothesis suggests that, as your eyes get more and more sensitive, the better your vision will be.

It also suggests that there’s something you can do to increase the amount and quality of your vision to increase your chances of a successful eye exam.


The Eye Scan Beauty’s favourite eye exam tool is the eye scan.

The eye scan is a visualisation of your pupil in a darkened room.

It gives you a sense of how much the pupils are dilated, as well as the amount you need to see.

It can be particularly useful when you’re undergoing surgery or after having a scan to ensure you’re fine.


The Hair-Color Test Hair color is the most important colour to know, but also the most difficult to control.

If you’ve got darker hair, you may be more likely to get the dreaded ‘hair-color test’, in which you’ll be asked to measure your skin tone and colour.

It is usually a more common way of assessing skin tone, and if you’re not sure, you can use the Hair Color Test to find out.


The Body Scan Beauty is often overlooked when it comes to looking good.

While it can be hard to judge someone’s overall appearance when it’s a woman’s body, there are some things you can check before heading out to the beach.

A body scan can help you to determine how well your skin is protected against sun damage, and whether your body is more prone to sun damage from your clothes.


The Pimple Scan The Puff Puff is a skin test that can help to determine your risk of getting the condition pimples.

If your skin has been exposed to UV rays from the sun, or if you’ve ever had an open wound on your body, then you may have been exposed and you may need to use the Puff test to check.

The test can also be used to identify a person’s risk of developing psoriasis, which can lead to painful skin conditions.


The Skin Test Beauty is all about finding the right balance between appearance and skin care.

You can find a beauty routine that’s suitable for everyone, but the beauty of the perfect look is to look natural, and to use only products that don’t irritate your skin.


The Color Test The Color test is the gold standard for beauty.

It measures your skin colour by analysing your skin texture, so you can see how your skin looks without using products that might damage your skin or cause redness.

It provides a quick and easy way to determine if your skin condition is skin cancer or acne.


The Lipstick Test If you’re using lipsticks, it’s vital that you don’t use too many, as they can leave your lips looking uneven.

There are a few products that can be used that will help to make sure your lips are even and your lip colour stays the same.

It will also help to ensure that your lips aren’t over-pigmented.


The Concealer The Concealer is a moisturiser that helps your skin to absorb moisture and keep your skin soft.

It works by combining with your moisturiser to keep your face moisturised, even when you don.

It makes a big difference to how well you look when you have dry skin.


The Blush Brush Blush brushes are a fantastic addition to your makeup bag, because they are small, compact, and easy to carry around with you.

You won’t have to worry about making a mess, and you’ll have a much better chance of staying in shape and looking your best.

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