How to shop for a ‘Beautiful Girl’ brand

What are the best beauty brands for your money? 

While it might not seem like it, there are actually a lot of beauty brands out there for a wide range of budgets.

So, let’s get into it.1.

L’Oréal, $2,500-$5,000 One of the best bargains in the beauty industry is the L’Oreal Beauty Beauty & Skin Care line, which comes in at about $2.50 per tube. 

I bought my first tube of L’ Oreal Beauty < Skin care at Target, but you can get it online and online through Ulta.

The beauty brand is very affordable for a line with so many ingredients and the formula is so creamy, it’s a dream for me. 2.

Ulta Beauty, $6,000-$9,000Beauty is expensive, but Ulta has a lot to offer.

You can buy its $6 beauty kit from Ulta, which includes three lipsticks, four eyeshadows, two blushes and a lipstick palette, but the best deal is the $5 Ulta $7 Beauty Kit, which has 12 eyeshadow sticks, three lip balms, two blush samples and two lip pencils. 

Ulta also sells a $20.50 makeup kit which includes two lipsticks and a gloss, though the cheapest option is the Ulta Skin Gel Eye Shadow Palette.


Wet n Wild, $13,000-17,000A $13.00 beauty kit for $7 is a bargain at Wet n’ Wild, which sells $13 makeup kits.

The company also has a $5 beauty kit, which is a little pricey for a $7 product, but it includes a sample of their new Pure &amp: Non-Dry Skin and a $10 lip balm. 

The beauty line is also great for budget conscious shoppers who may be new to the beauty world.


Sally Beauty, $7,500 Sally Beauty is a $6.95 beautymaker for women of all skin tones and ages.

It comes in a range of shades ranging from light to medium, and includes 12 eye creams, a toner, mascara, eye shadow and blush.

The beauty lines are also great if you’re looking for a full-fledged skincare line, since you get all of the products you need for the whole day, plus a little bit of extra value.


Nordstrom, $9,500-12,000Another $9.00 Beauty line for $7, Nordstrom has a lot of great products, ranging from lip balmers to eye creampies, but if you prefer the cheaper line that is a great choice. 

You can find the $8.99 Nestle Skin Care Eye and Lip Balm for $9.99, and the $7.99 $15.00 Pure &lt: Non Drying Skin and $11.99 Eyeliner Pencil for $6.99. 


Nordorik, $10,000  Nordorik has a Beauty and Beauty Pack that includes 12 shades ranging from medium to bright to bold, plus two lip creams and two eyeshaves.

They also sell the $10.00 Beauty Pack for $10 and the Beauty and Beauty Kit for $12.

They have a $14.00 beauty kit for the $30+ price point, which includes a $15 eye shadow stick, $15 blush, and $25 lip balter.


Kohl’s, $12,500+ If you’re a Kohls shopper, you should probably check out the Kohl &amp=amp Beauty Pack, which offers 11 shades ranging in shades from medium to light to dark.

The $13.99 Beauty Pack includes six shades ranging light to medium, and a full-sized palette of $5 lipsticks and a $15 eyeshade and lip liner. 

Kohl’s also offers $16.99 and $23.99 beauty kits that include a $25 eye shadow kit and a lip color or a full-sized kit, and $15 eye makeup kit. 


H&M, $11,500  H&amp=am Beauty Pack for $11 is the $14 beautylist Beauty &amping Pack that includes six eye creamers, two lip powders, and two eye shadows. 

H&am also sells $19.99+ Beautylist’s Beautymaker Pack for $10 which comes with 12 eyes and cheek palettes, three eyeshades, and three eye shadows, plus the $