How to wear your skin to the beach

Here are some tips to ensure you have the perfect beach look in 2018.


Choose a sunscreen.

The sunscreen you apply will determine how your skin looks and how it reacts to the sun.

It will also have a big impact on your skin’s natural healing abilities.

If you’re worried about how long it will last, try the Sun Protective Gel.

If the gel doesn’t cover the entire skin, it will leave behind a thin film that will break down your skin.

A thin film of sunscreen on your face or neck will also be visible.

Apply a few drops of the SunProtector gel to your face and neck and use the rest of the bottle to apply a generous amount to your whole body.


Buy sunscreen.

You may have seen sunscreen brands advertising sun protection but you probably didn’t know how much they cost.

The average sunscreen costs about $6 a bottle, which is less than the cost of the products you’d buy if you bought them from a local drugstore.

For most people, it’s a no-brainer.

The more you spend, the more you’ll save on the cost.

So, whether you’re going for a simple, everyday look, or you’re looking for a full-blown summer look, look for a sunscreen with a long shelf life and an effective sun protection factor.


Buy a sunscreen brush.

The best sunscreens have a small, non-stick surface that is gentle to the touch.

So it helps to buy a brush that’s small enough to brush on your sunscreen and that doesn’t absorb any oil or bacteria.

For a complete list of sunscreen brushes, click here.


Avoid sunburns.

Sunburns are caused by the body’s immune system reacting to the sunlight.

The skin is made up of a protective layer called the epidermis.

If your skin is exposed to too much sun, it can become inflamed and blistery.

This can lead to a skin rash, which can become infected.

You should be able to feel the irritation if you’re sweating and you’ve had a bad sunburn.

So if you’ve been sunbathing, don’t wear sunscreen as you may have burned your eyes, nose or lips.

If a sunburn starts on your cheeks, take your shirt off and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Otherwise, wash it off gently.


Use sunscreen as needed.

A small amount of sunscreen should be enough to help protect you from the sun, but you can use it in moderation, according to the Mayo Clinic.

You can use up to 1.5 ounces of sunscreen per day to protect your skin from direct sunlight, but that amount may be more than you need to apply.

You shouldn’t be applying sunscreen to your eyes or lips, for example.


Don’t get dehydrated.

Your skin will react to the excess moisture in the air, but if you overdo it, you can build up a small sweat mark on your body.

This sweat is a normal part of normal body functions, so if you get a lot of it, it may cause a burn.


Avoid contact lenses.

Your eyes will be protected from direct sun by the lenses they wear.

The lenses are made of a transparent film that is coated with a protective film, which prevents the sun from shining through.

If these lenses are worn with too much sunscreen, you’ll see the film slowly fade over time.

Make sure you wear sunscreen at least once a week and don’t overdo the application of sunscreen.


Wash your face.

Wash the outside of your face before you wear it and always wash your hands thoroughly.

Always wash your face with soap and water after you apply sunscreen.


Don’ t use sunscreen while driving.

Driving can be extremely hot, and the heat can make it difficult to maintain proper eye protection.

To prevent sunburn, wear sunscreen while you drive and don’ t apply sunscreen while on the road.


Wear sunscreen at night.

If it’s hot outside, it makes sense to wear sunscreen when the sun is shining, but be careful when you go out and wear it.

You’ll want to reapply sunscreen to the area you were applying it, and it will help prevent sun burns.

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