Target beauty box has a new trend

Beautiful girl names are popular again, with a new beauty box coming to the UK.

Beautiful girl names have been around since at least the mid-1990s, but Target launched a new box in the UK earlier this year.

The new box, called Beautiful Girl Names, includes more than 200 cute names and cute girl dolls, as well as a wide range of accessories including a mini face mask, a necklace, earrings, ear clips, and nail polish.

“Beautiful Girl Names is a fun way to celebrate a new generation of beautiful girls and to inspire your daughter or granddaughter to live their dreams,” said Target UK.

The box is designed to help children learn how to be confident and attractive.

The box features stickers, stickers with names of your choice, stickers for a face mask and stickers for ear clips.

It also includes stickers for face masks, a small necklace and a tiny earring, which you can use to give your child a little extra sparkle when they’re wearing a cute hat.

The adorable name stickers are a clever marketing move that will appeal to girls.

“It’s just fun to make them a little more interesting,” said Liza Riggs, a spokeswoman for Target UK, in a press release.

The company is currently looking for new brands to partner with to partner on the box, which will include other brands like Makeup Geek, Target, and Girlpower. 

Beautiful Boy Names is the name of a popular boy toy that came out in 2011.

The toy is an adorable boy named Boy Genius, and the company released the first boy Genius named “Beautiful Man” in 2013. 

Source: Target

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