The New York Times best-seller list: A new generation of women’s beauty writers from across the world, including our own, says New York editor-in-chief Maggie Haberman

By Maggie HabermudNew York, NY—April 3, 2018—When I first met my husband, I didn’t know that he had a degree in beauty.

I was just excited to be married and have kids, and the thought of a beautiful wife with a master’s degree seemed more tantalizing than a job that might pay less than $50,000.

He’s an engineer and we have three kids together, so we knew that, like many of us, he was well-versed in beauty and knew what it took to be a successful businesswoman.

But I didn and can’t fully appreciate the degree he received.

He also didn’t fully understand that I’m a journalist, and that he was a journalist with a degree.

We didn’t get married until after I graduated from college, and he got my degree in a few months, so I didn