What to see and do during Lunar New Year in pictures

The best and most breathtaking views of Lunar New Years in pictures.

Here are some of the best locations to view and enjoy the Lunar New YEAR festivities.1.

The Golden Temple of Tsaektung in the Khao San temple of Szechuan province.

The temple is home to the Great Temple, which is built in ancient times to honor the great emperor Kuan Yin.

Its three gates are believed to have served as entrances to the ancient temple complex and are believed by many to have been built to hold the spirits of deceased ancestors.2.

The Royal Palace of Hoang Kui in Hoang Khua village, Hunan province.

Hoang Kua village is famous for its beautiful green hills and lush green forests.

The famous Royal Palace is the home of the legendary King of Hoa and the largest palace in Hunan.3.

The Wai-Shen Temple of Wai Chi in Wai Ti village, Hubei province.

Wai Chi is a UNESCO World Heritage site that includes a temple to the Sun and a Buddhist monastery.

The temple has a spectacular view of the Great Wall of China and the surrounding mountains and can be visited by all ages.4.

The Tsung-Nan temple of the Hoan Shih temple in Wuhan, Hainan province, which was the site of the famous ancient temple battle.

The two temples were built by Emperor Hoan Hsiang and his son, King Teck Tsung.5.

The Hsing Po Temple of the Wai Chien Temple in Hunyuan province, known as the Ho Chi Minh Temple.

The Temple of Ho Chi Mih is one of the largest in Hsinchu province.

It is considered the largest Buddhist temple in the world.6.

The Shing Teh Temple of Huong Hsiung in Hubeic province, famous for the famous Shing teh sculpture, which depicts the famous Buddha Buddha with two arms in the middle of a stream.7.

The Tian-Chang Temple of Wu Chi in Shandong province, China.

The largest temple in Hsiu-Shan, it was built in the 12th century by Emperor Wu-Chi.

The statue of Buddha stands on top of a statue of the Buddha and can only be seen from the top of the temple.8.

The Ching-An temple of Hoan-Lan in Wenzhou, Shandung province.

Han-Li Temple in Wuxi, Zhejiang province.

This temple was built by the famous Emperor Wu Chi.

Its large, rectangular building, which can only see from the outside, was dedicated to the Emperor and is famous throughout the Hsiao-Shi provinces.9.

The Huo-Sai Temple of Yuen Temple in Hualien province, Sichuan province (known as the Temple of Buddha).

The Hsia-Chin Temple of Buddhism in Sichu province was dedicated in 1750.10.

The Temple of Kuan in Shijia province, Fujian province.

Kuan is one the most famous Buddhist temples in China.

Located in Shujia village in Fujian, it is home of a massive temple dedicated to Kuan and the Hsi-Chuan Dynasty, the first dynasty to conquer the country.11.

The Kua temple of Hua-Chu temple in Heilongjiang province, Zhamjiang province (also known as Temple of Hua in Szechu province).

The Ka-Chao temple in Shilin is home for a Buddhist festival called “Kua”.

It was the home for Emperor Kuo-Cha.12.

The Nanshan Temple of Huang-Chih temple of Huangshan, Shanxi province.

Huangshans temples are home to many important Buddhist sites including the Ka-Hsia temple and the Ka Chuan Temple of Buddhist Buddhism.13.

The Ta-Hsing temple of Wenshan in Shanxi, Jiangsu province (now the Jinling Temple).

Ta-Hsung temple was dedicated by Emperor Ta-Jin.

It can be viewed from the entrance to the temple on a hilltop overlooking the temple grounds.14.

The Hai-Shih temple, located in Chengdu city, Jiangxi province, and is the site where the famous Wenshun (Holy Mountain) is located.

The Hai-Hsi temple is a Buddhist temple that was built on the topography of the Hai-Wenshun mountains in the Shilong Valley of Shanxi.15.

The Da-Hui temple in Guangdong province.

Da-Yi temple in Jilin province.

Jilin was founded by the Emperor Wu Hsi, and was the first Buddhist temple to be built in China by the Chinese emperor.16.

The Yat-Yu temple of Yantai city, Shij

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