How to shop at beauty depot: What to look for

Beauty Depot, one of the nation’s biggest beauty retailers, has been forced to suspend its sale of the coveted Armani Beauty Essence, after it was accused of breaching the UK’s Fair Trading Act.

The store has been accused of using the brand’s name, logo and images without permission, and charging more than £1,000 for its beauty products.

The company has also been accused by consumer watchdog Ofcom of misleading customers by offering them products that were not advertised.

Armani, which has an estimated sales of £4.5bn, has apologised for the controversy and promised to make changes to ensure its business is “not subject to undue commercial pressure”.

A spokesperson for the cosmetics giant told The Independent the retailer had been “forced to suspend the sale of Armanis Essence”.

“The company is committed to working with the regulators and their advisers to ensure our business remains fair, transparent and compliant with the laws,” the spokesperson said.

“We are also committed to engaging with the UK Government on ways to ensure a fairer, more transparent and ethical way of doing business.”

A spokesperson from Beauty Depot said the brand had apologised to customers for any offence caused.

“Our aim is to provide our customers with the best products and services,” the company said.

“Our aim remains to provide the best product for the customer.”

A spokesman for the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said it was taking “a serious view” and had contacted the retailer.

“If it is found that we have breached any of the relevant consumer rules, we will consider that,” the CMA said.

The retailer has been embroiled in controversy in recent years, after the cosmetics company accused of misleading consumers by offering it its products were not promoted in the media.

In 2015, it was forced to withdraw a line of products following complaints from its customers.

Armenia, which is home to the largest number of Armenians, is the world’s third-largest Armenian population with about 4 million people.

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