How to make your own eye shadow: from scratch

I have a big collection of eye shadows and I love the idea of creating your own. 

I love that I can just grab a palette and make a selection from a wide variety of brands and go with whatever I’m looking for. 

But if I’m making a palette of eyeshadow, I’m going to have to go through my eyeshadows and figure out what I need. 

So, I started experimenting with different eyeshades and came up with a palette I’d call Beautiful Minds. 

The idea of the palette came from the fact that I was always having to buy eyeshade and mascara for my makeup. 

There are lots of products that have a similar effect, so I decided to create my own eye shades. 

 Beautiful Minds palette contains three eye shades, two of which are a little darker than the others, which helps me avoid the problem of being able to use them as eyeshad to make a base. 

I think that it’s a really fun way to create a palette for your own eyes. 

One of the things I love about the palette is that I love how you can find colors that are just right for me. 

For example, if I wanted to get a darker shade for my cheekbones, I could easily go with something like a shimmery brown. 

So, if you are looking for a darker eye color, you can make your choice and I hope you enjoy it! 

I also like that I have the option to choose from two shades of a different color, which is really nice. 

The palette comes with a little brush for adding some of the more subtle shades, and the shades you choose will vary based on the size of your eyes.

There are six shades to choose in the palette. 

Beauty Creates: The eyeshader comes in two shades, a muted green and a more intense purple. 

For me, the purple is the highlight of the eyeshaders, so if I want to create that look, I love to use a more orange-y shade. 

If I was going to be using this eyeshading as a base, I would choose the neutral brown.

I’m not a fan of the purple one, though. 

In terms of the makeup, I use a blush in the center of my lid and then apply a neutral cream blush on top. 

To get a really subtle effect, I also use a light blush on my cheekbone, a bronzer on my nose, and then a blush on the middle of my lips. 

As for the liner, I used the eye shadows to apply an eye liner with two coats of Urban Decay’s Shadow in a Bottle on the lid and one coat of the Urban Decay Urban Matte on the browbone. 

There are two shades to select from. 

Urban Decay Urban Mascara: Urban Decay Shadow in an Bottle and Urban Decay Smoky Eye. 

Urban Decay Mascaras: Urban Shadow in, Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow, Urban Shadow Eyeshadows. 

MAC Mascam: MAC Matte Eyeliner, MAC Lip Balm, MAC Cream Eyeliners, MAC Eyeshade. 

Sephora Masca: MAC Eye Liner, MAC Shadow Liner. 

Purchased Beauty Creates Palette: Urban Eye Shadows, Urban Masks, Urban Liners, Urban Bronzers. 

A Love So Beautiful: Urban Mascaras, Urban Shadows,Urban Bronzers, Urban Lipsticks. 

What did you think of the beauty creators Palette? 

Leave your comments below. 

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