Target’s new Beauty Box offers ‘beautiful nude photos’ and ‘beauty shots of your favorite beauties’

Posted May 06, 2018 05:23:23A new beauty box called Beauty Box is launching this week in the U.S. It’s the latest effort from Target to sell a line of products and features in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of its popular beauty boxes, which have become the hottest trends on social media.

Target’s Beauty Box will be available at Target stores nationwide on May 7.

“Beauty Box will bring together the best in beauty and create a space for our customers to express themselves with the most beautiful and inspiring photos, videos, and other content,” said Target’s Chief Marketing Officer Karen Mardis.

The new beauty boxes will feature the company’s most popular products and include a selection of “beautiful” products.

Target has been working with influencers to create products and content for its Beauty Boxes, which include items from Target, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters.

“We want to be able to be there for our shoppers and we’re also here to support them when they want to share their beauty secrets with us,” said Ashley Foy, Target’s vice president of content and media.

“The beauty community has shown so much love for the beauty boxes and we wanted to build on that by bringing a range of unique and exciting beauty products and products that really bring people together,” she added.

The Beauty Box also will feature a selection from Target’s own collection of products.

The company will also offer a wide variety of products to be worn on the go.

The latest Beauty Box, available to customers who pre-order in May at or online at Target retail stores, will include: A collection of 10,000 products from the company and other beauty brands, including MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, Urban Outfitter, Nudie, Benefit, Clinique, Marc Jacobs, Sephora, L’OrĂ©al, MAC, and more.

These beauty products will also include exclusive products for the Beauty Box including: A full-sized face mask with 10 full-size eye shadows and a brush; A lipstick brush with a wide color palette and an eye shadow palette; A makeup palette, eyeliner, and foundation; A blush brush; and A blush tube.

“Target’s Beauty box will be a place where you can be yourself with our most popular beauty products, exclusive content, and beauty-inspired accessories,” Mardi said.

The Beauty Box lineup is a part of a $1 billion purchase of Target by the global retail giant in December 2017.

The deal has resulted in a sharp rise in sales of Target branded products, such as Target Baby and Target Baby Beauty, as well as a boost in the company as a whole, with the company now reported to have $14 billion in revenue and net income of $2.2 billion for the year ending March 31.

Target’s new beauty offerings are part of Target’s efforts to continue building its brand identity and expand its reach across the world, and are aimed at women.

The beauty box lines will include products that Target has made available to retailers in stores across the country, and online and at select Target stores.