‘Hairy beauty’ for the world: What the world needs to know about the battle against beauty

A photo of a tattooed beauty on the back of the leg of a man who was shot dead by police in the United States on Friday sparked an outcry from people around the world.

The man, identified by the AP as 32-year-old William Michael Brown, was shot and killed in St Louis after officers responded to a call that Brown had been threatening the officers with a firearm.

The AP previously reported that the victim was armed and wanted to die.

On Sunday, a woman, who was the victim’s stepmother, tweeted: “My husband was shot in the back and killed by police.

He had a tattoo of a hairy beauty on his back.


Because they don’t like black people.

It’s a joke!”

The man’s sister, who also spoke on camera, said he was killed because he was a “white man, not a criminal”.

“His tattoo is to protect him from police brutality,” she said.

“He’s a young man, a black man, and he had a gun, so we can’t say it’s racist, but I do feel like it’s disrespectful.”

On Monday, the mother of another man killed by the police wrote on Facebook that the shooting was “just another day in the world”.

“It is not a race issue, this is a war issue,” she wrote.

“This is a struggle for the survival of humanity.”