Why you should not trust the ICO hype

Posted By James DuthieThe ICO hype is heating up, and the price of a cryptocurrency has surged in recent weeks.

That is why I don’t trust ICO hype at all.

You don’t need to read my article about ICOs, as I explained that many of the hype pieces written are simply misleading.

There is a lot of buzz and hype that has been circulating over the past year, but none of it is true.

Here is why.1.

ICOs are not real currencies2.

ICO tokens aren’t real money3.

ICO funds are not issued by any government4.

ICO coins don’t exist5.

ICO companies don’t have the legal standing of legal entities1.

It is important to understand that cryptocurrencies are not really currencies.

They are a protocol that provides a way to transfer value to other users.

The protocol is designed so that the tokens can be issued, traded and transferred as quickly as possible.

The only way a user can send or receive money is through the use of the blockchain, which is the data ledger of the protocol.

If there is a problem with the blockchain that needs to be solved, a transaction is made on the blockchain.

This is how you can send money, and it is how any other user can transfer money to or from you.2.

The blockchain has not existed for over 2 years.

There are no users, no miners, no corporations, and no banks.3.

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and there are no government entities involved in the ICO business.

ICO developers have been working in this space for years.4.

Some ICOs have raised millions of dollars, while others have raised less than $10,000.5.

Some tokens have already been created and are in use.

Some are being sold for more than others.6.

Some token holders have been compensated handsomely for their investments.

In other cases, there is no compensation.

Some people are making a lot money and making money from it.

This means the majority of the people who are holding these tokens are not people who actually own them.

This raises serious questions about the legitimacy of the token market.7.

Many ICOs involve fake investors.

It’s a common practice to use a fake investor to invest in an ICO.

You can get some of these fake investors by using your own real name and other people’s names to create an account on an exchange, or by sending them fake money.

They will then invest in the token and take the profits.

You then take the money and sell the token.

This gives the token investor a lot more income than he would receive if he had actually invested in the project himself.8.

Some of these ICOs will require you to use multiple accounts.

In most cases, you are required to use one account to receive the tokens.

This will be useful in some cases, but not in all.9.

Some projects use a lot for their marketing.

For example, some ICOs offer a free token for a token holder, which may or may not be true.

This also raises questions about what’s in the tokens and what the real value is.10.

There aren’t any guarantees about the success of an ICO, so you should be careful when investing.

Investing in an IPO is risky, and you should do your own research before investing.

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