‘I just can’t believe I’m here’: Man who shot himself in the face while eating dinner says he had to get away

The woman who shot herself in the eye while eating a dinner with her boyfriend in a New Jersey park said she was afraid to go to her car in case she was targeted by a man.

“I was afraid of being robbed, but now I’m really scared of being assaulted by this guy,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified.

“He’s just trying to rob me.

He’s just threatening me.”

The incident occurred in a park in Jersey City, New Jersey, on March 3, according to police.

The woman, 27, had just finished a date with her partner, when she began to eat dinner with him.

She was walking through the park when the man approached her and tried to take her wallet, which she had not yet opened, the police report said.

She pulled her gun, pulled out her wallet and tried again.

The man took off after her, but the woman was able to catch up to him.

When the man was gone, the woman called 911.

She said the man took her wallet to his car and that she would have to go home and hide it.

The couple returned home and told police that the man had called her several times in the days leading up to the incident.

Police did not immediately have an arrest report on the man.

Police have said the couple did not have any previous contact with the man or his car.

The NYPD has said it is working with local law enforcement to try to identify the suspect.

Police have also said the victim told them she did not think the man would do anything to harm her, the NYPD said.

Police said they were able to trace the car to a nearby car dealership and found a license plate from a different car dealership in the area.

The car was then linked to a different location, police said.

“We have a lot of resources available to us to locate and arrest these people, but there is still a lot more we need to do to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anybody else,” NYPD Chief of Detectives James O’Neill said.

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