‘Sams’ is back for more… with more sexy content

SAMS beauty supplies store in Seattle is expanding its offerings with new offerings including a line of sexy lingerie and a new line of sex toys and vibrators.

In an announcement on Wednesday, the company said it has been expanding its sex toys line by adding more erotic beauty products and a sex toy catalog with the addition of a new collection of sex dolls, the latest additions to its catalog of toys that have been around since 2008.

The Sams brand, founded in 1993, has a reputation for high-quality, high-end products that are both sexy and affordable.

The Sams line has been around for decades, and in the past few years, the brand has been able to expand its range by making a number of major investments.

It’s also been adding new products to its roster of products in recent years, such as a line called the Sams Collection.

While the new line is a bit of a rebrand, the Sam’s collection is a classic Sams product that has been a staple in its lineup.

In recent years the company has focused on expanding its lineup and adding new items to its offerings.

The new Sams dolls are based on the popular character Bella from the TV show “True Blood,” and feature silicone dolls that come in different sizes and shape to represent different body types.

The collection also includes a collection of anal toys, which feature a silicone version of a penis.

The toys are designed to allow people to explore and explore different body parts, including the anus.

In addition to new items, the new Sam’s line is also adding a line that’s called “Ladies and Gentleman” to its line of products.

This is a new toy line that features sexy and erotic products for both men and women, and it includes some of the most popular brands in the sex industry including Amazon, JCPenney, Jockey, G-Vibe, and Vixen.

In its announcement, the cosmetics company said the new collection was inspired by the erotic beauty product category.

It added that it is a way to bring the best of the sexy beauty products to the consumer.

“Sams’ new collection includes a number on products like a variety of different sex toys, including vibrators, dildos, dildo clamps, and dildons made for oral sex, oral and vaginal penetration, and toys designed to bring pleasure to all parts of the body,” the company wrote.

The company said that Sams’ customers can now choose from over 30 different sex toy and lingerie lines, including a range of women’s and men’s toys.

They can also shop Sams Beauty, Sams Cosmetics, Sam’s Beauty Collection, and Sams Luxury Collection.

For more information on the new products, you can visit the Sam-S Beauty website.

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