When Your Beauty Rules Out Your Career

The new fb page of fentybeauty.com has been around since May, and the news was welcomed by some, and mocked by others.

The new page features a large list of all the fenty Beauty products, which includes a “Beauty of the Month” section, but not one for “The Beauty That Really Works.”

“I like the idea of it being a place where people are looking for the most honest, trustworthy product reviews that are in the best interest of their skin,” a user named Nana tweeted, before adding, “That being said, I would be interested in seeing what the reviews were like on the Beauty of the month page.

If there’s any other good beauty products that people are really passionate about, please let me know!”

Another user named “laura” offered up a quick look at the Beauty Of The Month section and noted, “the beauty page is a place for fb followers to share their own personal experiences with fenty products.

It’s not a way to look at your own personal brand.”

Fenty Beauty does offer its own blog, with the most recent post from April 2017 having garnered more than 200,000 page views.

“If the beauty of the year is your face and not a particular product, then I think you’d have a different experience,” a fenty customer named Katie wrote.

“The beauty of being honest is always worth a shot, even if you’re not a fan of a product.

It is also important to note that if you don’t like something, just tell me.

If it’s a big deal, then there’s no reason to keep using it.”

The fentyBeauty.us website also has a “Get Your Beauty” section that allows customers to upload their own beauty shots.

It’s unclear what exactly fenty wants its Beauty of The Month page to be.

There’s a possibility that it will be an alternative to fenty’s own Beauty of Beauty page, which has been a favorite of many beauty fans.

A post shared by Fenty Beauty (@fentybeauties) on Mar 19, 2017 at 11:36pm PDT A fenty employee shared a photo of the fb beauty page on Instagram, with a caption stating, “this is where the best products are.

I love it.


A follow up post on Instagram showed a list of the most popular fenty product reviews.

This is where #fetyou are.

#beautyofthemonth is trending.

#wonderful #fairy #fantastic #beautiful #beautyscreenshow #beautieshow A post shared and shared by @fenty on Mar 21, 2017 by JazzyM (@jazzym) onMar 21, 17:51pm PDT