‘Beautiful Boy’ actor Jaden Smith’s son has ‘beautiful’ face, says mom

Jaden, 17, was diagnosed with melanoma and has been receiving chemotherapy.

He was diagnosed in April 2016 and was undergoing chemotherapy at the time of his death.

His mother, Sarah Smith, said Jaden’s death was devastating for his entire family.

‘Jaden was a beautiful boy.

We were all touched by his loss and the impact it had on us,’ Smith said.

‘It is hard to imagine how this could have happened, but I know for him, that he was a very special boy.

‘He was so talented, he was so kind and he loved to sing and dance and make people laugh and have fun.

‘His smile was always infectious and it touched people.’

Smith said Jaden’s mother had tried to keep him busy as a student at a nearby college, but he did not have a girlfriend and was unable to finish his degree.

‘But he had a beautiful smile, and that smile always seemed to come out when he was happy,’ she said.

Jaden was diagnosed at the age of eight with melanomas, a type of skin cancer, and received a chemo treatment.

He spent the last seven months of his life on dialysis.

‘You’re always going to have some moments when you’re feeling down, and I think he had those moments, too,’ she added.

Sarah Smith said she is ‘devastated’ by the news of Jaden and hopes her son’s death will inspire other parents to take their children to the doctor when they are diagnosed with cancer.

‘We don’t want kids to get into this kind of situation,’ she told ABC News.

‘I think there is something in the air that we need to be aware of and it’s the fact that our kids need to see us take their kids to the doctors, especially in the case of cancer.’

Jaden died on July 17, 2020, at the end of a long fight with the cancer.

He had been battling the disease since his teen years and had spent the majority of his adult life living in Florida.

Sarah said Jada was the kind of kid who loved to go to the beach, was a huge fan of Disney and Disney Junior, and loved his cats, Pops and Chubby.

‘As far as Jaden is concerned, he loved his family more than anything, and it was a tough loss,’ she continued.

‘To lose him like that, it really hit us.

‘My heart is broken, but the biggest thing that I want to do is just be with him.

‘And hopefully that is where I’ll find peace and happiness, and hopefully that he will get the treatment that he needs and be able to be happy.’

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