What does the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision mean for women’s health?

A ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby in the Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday has implications for women across the country.

NBC News’ Julie Pace and the NBC News Digital Team discuss.

Read MoreThe case concerns a small craft shop that sells dressings and cosmetics.

The owners argued they could not be required to cover contraception or abortions.

The justices agreed with the owners and struck down a key part of the Obama administration’s contraception mandate.

The mandate is meant to prevent employers from denying insurance coverage or forcing employees to pay for contraception coverage they don’t need.

A federal appeals court earlier this month had struck down the contraception mandate as unconstitutional, saying it violated the right to freedom of religion.

In Hobby Lobby, the owners said they wanted to offer a religious exemption for the religious employers who object to paying for the coverage for employees who don’t have health insurance.

The case was argued in February, and the justices ruled on Tuesday.

It was the second time the justices have decided on the issue.

On Monday, the justices issued an order reversing the lower court’s decision that the plaintiffs couldn’t claim religious exemptions for religious employers.

They said they were reviewing the order.

Hobby Lobby is one of three cases that will be heard by the Supreme court in the coming months.

Another case was put forward by Hobby Lobby employees last year.

Both cases involve a case that involved a small, craft shop.

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