Fenty Beauty Fenty Sex Beauty Fitty Girl Names – Fenty Magazine

Fenty has teamed up with beauty and fashion magazine Fenty to give out a new lookbook in the form of a series of sexy beauties and sexy names.

The range of names, which includes names like Dannii Minogue, Bella Thorne, Gigi Hadid, Ashley Graham and Victoria Beckham, are a mix of big beauty and sexy, and feature a range of sizes ranging from a 4-6.

A number of these names are brand new to the UK, but they have been previously published in the US, Canada, the US Virgin Islands and New Zealand.

Here are the full names of the beauty and fashions:Fenty Beauty #1: Danni Minogue (US)Fenty Beauties #2: Bella Thornes (US, UK)Fee Beauty #3: Gigi Haedel (US and UK)Bella Thorne #4: Victoria Beckham (US & Canada)Fashionistas #5: Ashley Graham (US), Bella Hadid (US,) Victoria Beckham #6: Gigie Hadid(US)Billionaire’s Daughter #7: Bella Beckham (Australia)