Which women are the most beautiful?

A look at the most inspiring women and men, in our opinion, on the cover of The Sport God’s Gift.1.

Emma Watson (Director of Beauty, The Avengers) – Emma Watson is one of the most powerful women in the world, with a powerful voice and a wealth of experience in the field of beauty.

Watson is an incredible performer and writer, and she has won countless awards and nominations for her work.

In 2017, Watson won the Mercury Prize for Beauty and the Pomegranate Awards for Excellence in Performance.2.

Anya Barasova (Director, The Muppets) – Anya’s work as a director and actress has been groundbreaking and is well-regarded for its realistic depictions of human suffering, cruelty and violence.3.

Natalie Portman (Director and Actress, The Jungle Book) – Portman has become one of Hollywood’s most powerful stars, having won numerous awards and recognition for her role as the title character in the Jungle Book.4.

Jennifer Lawrence (Actress, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) – She has starred in the likes of The Hunger Game: Caught on Tape, American Hustle and Wonder Woman, and is widely regarded as one of our most talented actors.5.

Angelina Jolie (Acting, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) – Jolie is the youngest actress to win the Oscar for Best Actress, and her work in The Curious Casey of Benjamin.6.

Michelle Pfeiffer (Director/actress, Get Hard) – The star of the hit television show, PfeIFFER is one half of the comedy duo, PFEIFFER.7.

Meryl Streep (Actresses, American Beauty) – Streep is the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, and has won the Academy Awards for her roles in The Hunger Girl, and The Social Network.8.

Kate Winslet (Actors, Beauty and The Beast) – Winslet is one-half of the legendary duo, Kate & Joe, and their hits have won awards for the best actor and the best actress, for Beauty, and for Beauty & the Beast.9.

Jennifer Lopez (Actor, The Dictator) – Lopez is one the most talented actresses in the business, and the actress who best embodied the spirit of the Dictators reign on The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice.10.

Angela Bassett (Director / Actress, Sing Street) – Bassett has a long and illustrious career as an actor, and one of her films, Sing Streets, was a major box office hit and received multiple nominations.11.

Tilda Swinton (Actrix, Beauty & The Beast), and Naomi Watts (Actrae, The Witch) – Swinton and Watts are two of the top-earning actresses in Hollywood.12.

Reese Witherspoon (Actora, The Princess Diaries) – Withersons work as an actress is legendary, and earned her first Oscar nomination in 2012 for her performance as the daughter of a rich and powerful man in the Twilight Saga.13.

Jessica Chastain (Actr/Actress), Nicole Kidman (Act), Jessica Chubbuck (Act) – Chastains work as actresses are among the highest paid actors in Hollywood and have been nominated for numerous awards.14.

Charlize Theron (Actrice, X-Men: Apocalypse) – Theron has won numerous Oscars, including the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of the title role in X-men: Apocalypse.15.

Olivia Wilde (Acts, The Imitation Game) – Wilde has won multiple awards for her film work, including her first Academy Award for Best Actor.16.

Jennifer Aniston (Act, The Heat) – After starring in the acclaimed film, The Exorcist, Aniston has starred on multiple films and television series, including such series as American Horror Story, Roseanne, and Modern Family.17.

Selena Gomez (Actoral, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) – Gomez has won many awards, including Best Actress for her starring role in Crazy Ex, a breakout TV show, and a Golden Globe nomination for her acting in the series.18.

Amy Schumer (Actressing, Trainwreck) – Schumer has made a name for herself as one half the comedic duo, Amy and Trainwreck, and had a huge impact on the careers of other comedy stars.19.

Sofia Vergara (Act Actress, My Cousin Vinny) – Vergaras role in the HBO series is legendary and was one of its best-loved performances, as her character, the mother of twins, Vinny, struggles to cope with her new found responsibilities.20.

Selma Blair (Actorial, Thelma & Louise) – Blair has won Academy Awards, including an Emmy Award, and won the Golden Globe Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for her performances in Thelman

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