How to fix your mascara fenty

fenty has announced a brand new mascara, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

The mascara features a liquid eyeliner formula that is a shade that you can get with a brush, or with the applicator on your finger.

The eyeliner is an incredibly soft, gel-like substance that is incredibly hydrating, and will keep you looking and feeling pretty for days.

It also has a unique, magnetic magnetic effect that can be used to blend mascara, but also to blend with other products, or even to apply as a brow gel.

The brush-less applicator is a fantastic addition, too, as it makes it easy to use the wand with no bristles and no mess.

The new mascara features: a gel eyeliner that is waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable, but it also contains a special magnetic formula that can blend with any lip products, and is the perfect touch to the natural eye lashes. 

The mascara has a liquid gel eyelid that is very hydrates and lasts a long time, and the applicators wand makes it super easy to blend the mascara, or just apply it with the brush. 

The fenty Beauty mascara is available now on

The brand says the new mascara will cost $20, and as usual, the price is negotiable.

The fyre Beauty mascara is a new mascara that is unique and waterproof. 

You can get it here.