How to Get Away With Murder: A Bizarre Theory That’s Actually True

“I’ll be honest, this story is a lot of fun.

But I’ll also tell you this story has some flaws.

And it doesn’t work on everyone.

If you can’t tell, it’s not about being good, it is about being bad.

There are no good guys here.

The only good guy here is you.”

-Kieran Culver, author of The Beautiful Creatures article “The book was an instant hit in my local bookstore, so I was quite surprised when I got word that it had sold out.

But then I found out I had missed out on the first edition, and I’m really grateful I did.

This book is one of the most popular, and most interesting, books I’ve ever read.”

-Kristina D’Agostino, author, The Beautiful Creature series (available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound) “I’m so glad I stumbled across this book.

The title The Beautiful Species is an apt metaphor for the species of creatures I write about: beautiful, unique, intelligent, and at the same time, hard-wired to behave badly.”

-Laura Miller, author and illustrator of The Lost Planet, The Earthlings, and The Birds article “If you’re looking for something to take a break from your job and spend time with your loved ones, this book is definitely for you.

It’s a wonderfully simple story about what happens when a group of intelligent, well-meaning but selfish, and destructive creatures form an alliance with a powerful group of people.”

-J.D. Gaddis, author The Biggest Loser, the series about the 1980 Los Angeles riots (available in paperback and ebook from Amazon) “The Beautiful Species makes me laugh out loud, I cry, and even the most powerful people in my life can’t stop laughing.”

-Eddie C. Stotler, author Tales of the Moon, the best-selling series about space exploration (available on Kindle) “It is a beautiful book that I have to say, it truly was a gift from heaven.”

-David Foster Wallace, author “Beautiful Creatures is a perfect book for people who are really into the idea of being beautiful, intelligent and hard-working, and the premise is absolutely right.”

-Dan Ariely, author Beautiful Creatures: The Complete Stories, The Birds, and Other Stories (available as an ebook from Scribd)

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