How beautiful are the people of India?

India’s beautiful people are making history with the birth of a $4.4bn national beauty campaign.

The country’s biggest beauty campaign in decades has brought the country to the forefront of beauty trends, with the country now attracting the most attention for its beauty as well as beauty-related activities, according to research by the BBC.

The campaign, dubbed “Eyes for India”, aims to raise awareness about health, environmental issues and to improve the lives of its citizens.

The brand is targeting a population that is often overlooked in global beauty competitions.

India is the world’s most populous country and is home to the world most populous Muslim population, but it is not the most populous of countries.

This is partly due to a country’s history of caste discrimination and a large population of ethnic minorities.

India has been one of the most controversial places in the world for its “honour killings” of women, with women being killed for not being married to the right man.

India’s population is the largest in the Asia Pacific region and also the second-most populous in the United States.