It’s time to be crazy beautiful: It’s finally time to embrace beauty

BEIJING (AP) People who have been told they’re too old or too ugly to be fashionable have the same look as those who were born with a certain type of disorder, according to a study that suggests it’s time for people to embrace what’s unique to them.

In the study, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, researchers at the University of Texas in Austin looked at photos of people aged 18 to 59, and compared their facial features to those of healthy, normal people.

The study looked at more than 6,000 people, and found that people who were diagnosed with the condition as children are no longer considered “too old or ugly” to look fashionable, but instead, are considered “more likely to look younger or more beautiful than their peers.”

The researchers also noted that people with these disorders often do not show signs of ageing or illness, and can therefore “express more natural and healthy” expressions.

In other words, a healthy smile is more likely to be found in a person with Down syndrome, for example.

Researchers also found that the more severe the disorder, the more likely a person was to look older, and that this could be a marker for being overweight or obese.

But the study also found the most common type of personality disorder, anxiety disorder, also correlated with a person’s chances of being deemed too old, as did having a history of mental illness.

People who have these conditions, which can include obsessive compulsive disorder and eating disorders, are more likely than those who do not have any personality disorders to say they look younger than their age, and have an even more intense sense of self-worth than their younger peers, the researchers said.

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