When the Patriots lose, you get to watch the game online for free

It’s not often you get a chance to watch a football game live for free online.

And it’s certainly not one of the better ones, but with the Patriots coming off a 4-12 season and an NFL Playoff bye, that’s a chance you’ll get a peek at the game that you’re paying for.

Here’s how you can watch the New England Patriots vs. New Orleans Saints game online and for free starting on Sunday, Oct. 17.1.

When is the Patriots vs “Boomtown” coming?

(Sunday, Oct 14 at 7:30 p.m.


Is it a free download?

No, it’s a paid subscription to ESPN Premium.

(Sunday’s slate of games will be $49.99, or $4.99 per month, with a $1.99/month upgrade for $10.99 a year.)3.

How many days is the game scheduled to air?


The Patriots have played a total of 24 regular-season games this season.4.

Will there be a pre-game show?

Yes, but the NFL has a strict no pre-match show rule.5.

When can I watch it?

Sunday’s slate will be available on ESPN’s ESPN App, with live streaming available on NFL Network and the NFL Network app.6.

Is this the first time I can watch a game online?


NFL Network, the NFL App and the NBA App are available to stream on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers.7.

Will I have to buy the game to watch it online?


The game will be free to stream to your Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV.8.

How long will it last?

The Patriots are 1-4 and will have to bounce back to finish the season with a win Sunday.

If the Saints lose to the Titans in Nashville on Sunday night, they will fall to 3-9 and have to start 0-9 for the first game in the season.

If you have a question or comment about the Patriots, or any other NFL news, head over to ESPN.com/AskTheDolphins or on Twitter at @AskTheNFL.

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