Why ‘beauty’ isn’t just a buzzword

By By S.M. Karthik , 28 May, 2018 08:16:18Shopping for a new beauty product has become as difficult as getting one at all.

In an age where many are obsessed with beauty products and where products are being offered at ridiculously low prices, the need to find an affordable one is becoming even more pressing.

This is because most of the top beauty brands have gone through a significant consolidation process to reduce their costs and expand their product range.

The beauty sector has seen the biggest consolidation in the last five years.

In 2017, the number of beauty products sold by brands in India rose by 17.3% to Rs 1,000 crore, according to the India Beauty Index (IABI).

The IABB is a research arm of the National Institute of Cosmetic Sciences (NICMS), which is tasked with analyzing and quantifying the state of cosmetic and beauty products globally.

In 2017, all the top brands in the Indian beauty industry saw a rise in their share of the market.

In the first five months of 2018, for instance, the beauty market in India was up by 1.6% year-on-year.

The IAAB says that a major reason behind this growth is that the brands are now offering more affordable products.

According to the IAAb, the market has been undergoing an ‘explosion’ as of 2017.

In India, the average consumer is spending more than $1,500 on cosmetics.

The market is now also becoming more diverse with more brands and the price of products has also gone up.

“There is an explosion of products available and there is a huge gap in price and quality.

Many beauty brands are being acquired and they are offering new products at a lower price,” said N.G. Dhar, founder and CEO, Indian Beauty Products Association (IGPA).

The growth of brands such as L’Oréal, Make Up For Ever and J.

Crew has been the most important driver of the growth of the beauty industry in India, he added.

“A lot of the brands in this space have been acquired by a big player, so we can’t speak to the market share growth of them.

But, we can speak to how many brands are currently in the market, how many people are using them and what is their market share,” Dhar said.

According a study conducted by Euromonitor International in 2017, Indian consumers spend a total of $1.7 trillion on cosmetics and personal care products, a 5.7% increase from the previous year.

This is a whopping increase of 10.6 times over the average annual growth of 2.2% in the consumer spending.

The IAA also said that the beauty sector in India has witnessed a sharp drop in the sales volume in the past five years due to a sharp decline in demand.

This has affected both the cosmetics and beauty consumer.

“As the number and size of consumers has been declining due to the decrease in demand for beauty products, there has been a huge fall in the volume of sales for the cosmetic and personal brands,” Dhiraj Chatterjee, CEO of IGPA, told ET.

“The cosmetics industry in particular has seen a massive decline due to several factors, including the introduction of anti-aging products and the fact that the government has been encouraging the growth and growth of cosmetics and cosmetic products,” he added, pointing out that the industry also suffers from the introduction and usage of more eco-friendly products.

“In order to maintain their growth and profitability, cosmetic and cosmetic product companies have resorted to aggressive marketing strategies to drive growth,” Chatterji said.

A key part of this strategy has been to increase the volume and the sales of their products.

Chatterjee added that these aggressive marketing campaigns have led to a steep drop in sales volume.

He said that while the industry is experiencing a decline in the number, the size and the quantity of products being sold, the industry as a whole is still in a robust position and has experienced a surge in growth.

Even though there is an explosive growth in the cosmetic market, there is still a need to maintain the level of quality and quality control in the products being offered, Chatterie said.

“There is a big gap in quality in the makeup industry.

The products are made from ingredients that are not organic, non-organic, synthetics or synthetic ingredients, and in many cases, they are made of petroleum and non-petroleum ingredients.

The quality of the products in the cosmetics market has also deteriorated, leading to an increase in the cost of the product.

These products are not in the right form and do not deliver the desired results,” he said.

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