How to turn your favourite photos into beautiful GIFs for Instagram

Allure Beauty Master, the beauty store’s beauty box which allows customers to upload their own photos to the site, is now offering a free version to Instagram users.

Users can upload a photo of themselves, and the company will automatically create a GIF of it on the Instagram site.

The GIF can then be shared to social media or uploaded to Instagram itself.

The new feature comes on top of the recently launched Beauty Box service, which lets users save their favourite photos to their Instagram account and share them to their followers on the social network.

Users who use the Beauty Box can then upload their creations to Instagram to show off to their friends.

Allure founder and CEO Julie Stenning said the new feature was designed to provide beauty enthusiasts with an easy way to share their creations.

“Our goal is to make beauty sharing simple and convenient,” she said.

“With the Beauty box, you can upload your favourite beauty shots to Instagram and we’ll automatically create the perfect GIF to share with your friends and family.

We’re also excited to make it easier for Instagram users to share GIFs from their favourite Instagram accounts.”

Allure has also made it easier to create GIFs.

“The Beauty box is the perfect place to showcase your own beauty and let your Instagram followers know that you’re a beauty superstar,” Ms Stening said.

All of the images in the Beauty Master app can be edited, as well as the GIF, but there is no way to add custom captions or colour.