Why I love polyester,but am not sure why I am not buying more

Polyester is the most versatile fabric, and in a world that’s becoming increasingly dependent on the machines that we depend on for everything from cooking to lighting to packaging, it’s a wonder we’ve not run out yet.

But it’s also a beautiful fabric.

I mean, just look at it.

You know what’s gorgeous about polyester?

Its versatility.

The color of the fabric.

The texture of the material.

There are different ways of creating different looks, and the more we experiment with each, the more I find myself choosing.

I like this photo by Kate DiNardo and this one by Gwen Scholten. 

In this post, I’m going to be looking at two ways polyester is used for beauty.

One is for its versatility and durability, the other is for how versatile and durable it is.

I’ll be using the same two techniques in both of these posts, but I’m also going to cover how to find your perfect polyester color, which I’ve called “the perfect shade”. 

In the beginning of this post I’m not going to talk about the many other properties polyester has to offer, but rather, I’ll discuss some of the most popular uses of polyester. 

First, let’s talk about versatility.

I’m no expert when it comes to polyester and I’m sure there are many more great posts out there on how to choose your perfect blend of polyesters.

But I will say this: I think polyester will be a good fabric for most people, and I think it will be even better for the world at large. 

I’m going back to basics, and that’s where I’m using the two techniques that I’ll share with you: 1.

The “perfect shade” technique 2.

How to find the perfect polyesters color What I’m Going to Cover in This Post 1) The “Perfect Shading” Technique

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