Man who hit wife with flowers for no reason has to pay €3,500

Italia’s president has banned a man from the sport after he hit his wife with a flower, saying he was “totally unaware” of the rules.

“The fact is, you don’t hit a wife with an object that has a meaning,” said former President Giorgio Napolitano.

“You hit her because you are totally unaware.”

Napolitani had been speaking about a new rule on flowers used in games that went into effect on Friday.

It was intended to prevent abusive players from hitting wives.

“If you’re a player who has a wife who does not respect your play, then you should be aware of the law,” he said.

“As a player you should take a few steps back, and understand the law.

But the fact is that, in some cases, you hit a woman because you don.

That’s totally ignorant.”

He added that if players used the flower as a weapon against their wives, “it will be absolutely terrible.”

The ban comes after Italy’s top court ruled that a former player’s hit-and-run on his wife was legal.

Napolitanni had defended the hit-unprovoked hit-run as “a perfectly legal act”, despite a court finding that the player, Roberto De Luca, was legally justified in hitting his wife.

The player, who played in Italy from 2004-2010, was suspended for six months after the incident.

Napoli also said he was taking responsibility for his actions.

“This is not about myself.

This is about the family, the kids, the wife,” he told reporters on Friday morning.

“I’m sorry if I caused her pain, but I’m also responsible for her pain.”

The incident happened on Thursday when the player was returning from training in Milan, where he was due to attend the wedding of a girl he was dating.

The court ruled he had no legal right to hit his spouse.

Napolo’s wife, who cannot be named, said she was shocked by the ruling.

“It’s not right, it’s not fair, it makes me feel sad.

I hope that he doesn’t use the flower again,” she told reporters.

Napoloni also said the player should be fined €3.5m for the hit, which he described as a “mistake”.

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