How to avoid the beauty biz trap

The beauty bazaar is the best way to get to know your beauty and find the one you really want, says author Kate Upton.

“Beauty is the most powerful thing we have as women,” Upton tells the hosts of The Graham Norton Show.

“We’ve all had it up to here.” 

“If you’re in the beauty business and you’re having a hard time, try being yourself,” she says.

“I’m a lot like you.

I’ve always wanted to be the best.

I can’t control what I look like, but I can control who I am and what I feel.”

She then talks about her new book, “The Ultimate Guide to Beauty” (out tomorrow) and her advice for women who are just starting out.

“If you want to look like you want, you need to start being yourself.

You can’t just be the woman you think you are.

You need to be who you want your body to be,” she tells Graham. 

“You need to accept yourself.

That’s where it starts, it’s in yourself.

What’s your skin like? “

What’s your face like?

What’s your skin like?

Are you a natural-looking girl or are you a girl who is too much of a girly-girl?” she asks.

“You don’t have to be an expert on your own body.

You don’t need to know everything about it.

If you’re an average person, you’re going to look the same regardless of what you’re wearing or where you are, and you should.”

She’s followed up by a discussion of the importance of using your body and mind to help you get through tough times.

“People will think you’re stupid.

They’ll say: ‘What’s the point?

It’s all a waste of time,'” she says of her book.

“The point is, it makes you think.” 

Kate Upton is the author of “The Ultimatum” and “The Complete Beauty Diary”.

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