How a ‘beauty’ tattoo will make you a better person

When a tattoo is a tattoo, it can be a reminder of the self, or a way to show that you’re not afraid to be different. 

The tattoo, for example, can show that a tattoo artist knows what they’re doing, or that the tattoo was a simple mistake.

Or it can also be a way of expressing pride for a loved one. 

But sometimes a tattoo doesn’t reflect what you truly are.

A recent study conducted by the University of Chicago found that people with tattoos that are too small, or too prominent, can lead to negative feelings and negative perceptions of themselves.

The study, which involved about 1,000 participants, found that the participants who had larger tattoos had greater negative feelings about themselves, such as having a sense of self-worth and worthlessness.

“Our findings suggest that individuals with larger tattoos experience more negative self-concepts and more negative perceptions about themselves than those with smaller tattoos,” Dr. Tamsin Jones, an assistant professor of psychology at the University at Buffalo, told CBS News.

“This is consistent with the findings from other research that shows that large tattoo sizes have greater negative perceptions and more anxiety associated with them.” 

So what can you do to prevent these negative perceptions?

To improve your tattoo experience, consider your skin tone, skin texture, and your body type.

Dr. Jones suggests using a light, medium, or dark shade of tattoo. 

If you are a white person, use a darker shade of skin tone and light skin texture.

If you’re a Black person, choose a darker skin tone that’s darker than your skin color. 

Try to be a part of your community and make a positive impression on your tattoo.

The next time you have an unwanted tattoo, think of how it affects you, Jones said. 

You might want to ask the tattoo artist what it means to you, and how it feels to be in their body.

The tattoo artist might also be able to tell you how to avoid the tattoo, which is why Jones suggests taking time to be open with the artist.

“The tattoo artists are the best judges of whether a tattoo will look good on you or not,” Jones said.

“If you think it’s too big, or not well done, then you can ask them to cut it or make it smaller or more modest, which can help you make a better decision.”

Tattoos can also give you a sense about yourself, which will help you find your own sense of identity.

Tattooing can also provide you with confidence and self-esteem, which may help you avoid negative perceptions.

“When you feel confident about yourself you are more likely to feel comfortable in your own skin,” Jones added.

“When you are confident about your body and your self-image you are less likely to worry about negative perceptions or negative comments.”

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