How to create a stunning beach beach perfect for sunsets

A gorgeous beach has been created in a sand dune in the heart of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

It is the work of Australian artist Lisa Bontemps, who has used a combination of sand and glass to create the unique beach.

The beautiful beach was created by artist Lisa in a sandy dune at a location called “The Beach House” in Australia’s Queensland state park.

“The Beachhouse” is a popular spot for people to enjoy the beach and is a haven for many animals, including a rare white sand turtle, the Great Barrier reef butterfly and even a rare black sea turtle, Ms Bontemsays husband, David, told ABC News.

“It’s not just about surfing, it’s about being there with nature, the sea and nature in general.”

The BeachHouse is located on the southern end of the Great Western Reserve, which is the largest natural reserve in Australia.

It has a beach, paddocks and a wharf.

It also has a pool, which was designed to house the turtle and the other endangered animals found there.

“This is one of the most popular sites for the turtle to find and it’s also one of those places that people say ‘Wow, it has a swimming pool, can I get a swim?'”

Ms Bondemps said.

“So the turtle is very excited and it really likes it and it wants to be in the water.”

The turtle can dive as deep as six metres into the water.

The Beach house has a sand and water pool, a whirlpool, a waterfall and a dock.

The turtle, known as a white sand cobra, can reach a depth of up to six metres.

The white sand is one the few animals native to the Great Australian Bight that have not been hunted to extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Ms Bontempss website states the turtle was “praised” by the Great Queenslanders, who said “it has a special place in the hearts of all Queenslanders”.

The turtle is not native to Queensland, but Ms Bonsers website said it was found in the area in 2004.

“We are so grateful to Lisa for creating this amazing beach and for all the support she has received from Queenslanders over the years,” she said.

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