Which is more beautiful?

Beautiful is a word that’s been around for centuries, and it’s definitely a buzzword in the industry right now.

But what’s it really all about?

We know we’re talking about a pretty girl, but what’s her face really made of?

We can’t help but wonder how much of the beauty industry has been sold to us as an extension of our own identity.

But is it?

According to a new study, the answer is yes.

The research, led by psychologist Daniela Schutz at the University of California, Berkeley, found that the beauty trend has had an incredible impact on women’s perceptions of beauty.

“We found that there’s an impact of beauty in a way that’s very subtle and not very obvious,” Schutz told News24.

“Beauty is so ingrained in the culture that it’s almost impossible to say that we’ve changed our perception of it.”

And the more people know about the importance of the word beauty, the less it seems that they care about it.

According to Schutz, the word “beautiful” is used so often that it doesn’t even register in everyday conversations.

“People don’t even realize that the word ‘beautiful’ has been around, because it’s such a broad term,” she said.

This article first appeared on News24 – click here to read more.”

If people didn’t care about beauty, we would see it less.”

This article first appeared on News24 – click here to read more.

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