The 10 best romantic comedies of the past decade: The Top 10 [Part 1]

  A new series from Netflix called Love in the Making takes the genre of romantic comedy and puts it into a different, but still recognizable form.

The Netflix series follows the lives of two couples, and their complicated relationship that has a lot of the trappings of romance but is actually a serious situation.

The series is written by Will Ferrell, who wrote and starred in two of the best rom-coms of the decade, The Love Bug and The Love Boat.

The show also stars Emma Roberts, who plays the mother of a teenaged girl who is kidnapped by her kidnappers and held captive for two years.

The series is a comedy, not a romantic drama.

That’s because Ferrell and his cast members were never expecting to be making romance comedies in the first place.

“It was kind of a shock to me,” Ferrell told Entertainment Weekly.

“I’ve done comedy for a long time, and I had no idea that this is the next level.”

That’s because, in a genre that has often been considered to be a safe territory for rom-appealers, Ferrell says he was pleasantly surprised.

“It’s definitely more about making it funny,” Ferrel said.

“There’s definitely something a little different about it, and there’s definitely a more serious tone to it.”

The show focuses on a group of people, each with their own unique story, but each with a distinct set of needs.

“They’re all very different in their own way, but they all have one thing in common: they love each other very much,” Ferrier said.

The cast members also all have their own personal struggles and frustrations.

“Some people are just sad, and some people are not even sad, but some people have just been through a really rough time and just need someone to love them and be there for them,” Ferrer said.

That may be why the characters all seem so fragile and fragile at times.

“When you have a group that’s all very fragile and vulnerable, it’s really hard to get through life,” he said.

Ferrell also points out that the show is not as focused on romantic relationships as some of the other romantic comedias that he’s worked on.

“If you’re trying to be rom-friendly, there are a lot more of these,” he explained.

“But if you’re in a serious relationship, there’s a lot less romance.”

The Love Boat was also a hit in the 1990s.

It starred Will Ferrel, along with Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet, and Jamie Foxx.

It also starred Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Olivia Wilde.

The romantic comedy about a boat full of misfits and misfits, which was based on a book by the same name, was about an interracial couple.

That film also starred Jamie Foxxes, but it was based off a novel by the writers of the book.

The film had mixed reviews, with critics praising the film for its “brilliant premise and great casting.”

The Love Bugs was released in 1997.

It’s a love story about a group, which include some very real people, who come together to find their love.

Ferrel has worked on several other romantic comedy movies, including The Boy Next Door, which starred Bradley Cooper.

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